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Why Fetid Eats?

We all eat food. I love food. I’ve cooked privately, professionally, and volunteer to cook at a shelter regularly. I’ve eaten at home and at restaurants ranging from a bacon-wrapped hot dog cart in Tijuana to a few Michelin Star rated ‘institutions’ of culinary notoriety.

Unfortunately, I’ve gotten sick from some of these establishments over the years. Ranging from nausea and vomiting, to 2+ weeks in bed after being diagnosed with Salmonella Enteritidis poisoning. In the past 20 years, food safety has become a predominant news item that has been covered via a passing Page-5 article, to multi-day headlines with such scares as “Terrorists Plot to Poison Our Water”.

Hopefully, this site will enlighten you with information, educate you as to what you can do, or simply entertain you with stories you can tell around the dinner table.

Finally, a notice of my purpose.

Beware: Establishments with morbid and excessive Health Department Violations…We WILL expose you eventually! Or at least poke fun at you!