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Feed The Needy

This is the United States of America!

Please, just let me channel Sally Struthers for 2 minutes of your time…  Food poisoning may make you nauseous, but at least you started the evening physically capable of eating a meal.

Every day, Tens of Thousands of US Citizens go hungry.  Since mid-2008, the number has grown exponentially! Do I really need to give you professional statistics and figures from government agencies, news/media outlets and pleas from the cornucopia of political, religious and human rights organizations?  I would hope not.  Google “homeless” and you’ll start to get the gist.

From newborn infants (sad) to former Wall St. executives (most of them should have studied The Theory of Karma prior to 2008), the multitude of individuals who are either on the street, in a shelter, or just have to pay the bills, leaving no money for a basic human necessity, FOOD, is both staggering and growing!  None of them ASKED to be hungry.


My wife and I started off just wanting to fill a 4 hour void on Christmas day.   Currently, we regularly spend an entire day (3 with prep) cooking just one meal for 70 less fortunate US Citizens!  Guess what?  They’re all human beings whose careers, ambitions and goals are currently in limbo, or haven’t even had a chance to start yet.  On average, 10-15% of them are under the age of 18, given scraps from a dumpster their parents are diving, living off hand-outs or eating in a food pantry or shelter, because they’re CHILDREN.

Unless you’ve volunteered, and been INSIDE (or less fortunately had to live inside) one of these shelters, you have no idea how inadequate donations have become.  Every drop counts and the nation’s shelters and food banks now receive far less supply than the staggering demand.

What can you do?  Here’s what you can do…“Click THIS LINK TO FOOD PANTRIES DOT ORG”>
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…I timed it.  It took me 1:52 to read this page.