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Find Fetid Eats!

Here you can find the important links to online Inspection Reports.

  • Clicking on a state brings up a list of municipalities that provide health inspection reports online. Don’t forget the red “star” for Washington D.C.

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    Planning a cruise(and can’t decide which ship to sail)? See what voyages may include more than just motion sickness.

    Search CDC Cruise
    Ship Sanitation Inspections

    Canadian Food
    Inspection Agency

    Just got back from eating out and feeling a bit queezy?

    Your first steps should have been

    1.  Contacting the establishment
    2.  The health department
    3.  OR an ambulance

    NOTE: Most inspections result in “Corrected On Site At Time of Inspection” remarks.  That’s all well and fine, but is that inspector on site the other 360+ days out of the year?  Results may vary…

    If you can’t find inspection reports online, it’s most likely because your state or municipality hasn’t made the information available online!  If that’s the case, you can request a health inspection report via FIND YOUR LOCAL HEALTH DEPARTMENT

    If you get a report, please share by clicking Be a Rat! in the top menu.

    Want to really make a change? TAKE ACTION(sign the petition)

    The Public Thanks You!

    Did you know that all health inspection reports are available publicly, thanks to

    Freedom of Information Act, Public Law 95-452 (as amended)

    If you find any discrepancies with this table, please contact chiefinspector@fetideats.com