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I will NEVER run out of material…

Currently I’m slogging away with back-end and content for the format of this site.  In doing so, I was looking through some of the online data available from the handy-dandy local agencies.  …more on this later

Something I couldn’t help thinking until the time of this post; It’s sad, I’ll never run out of articles, topics, subjects for this site.  Good for you, the FetidEats! reader, but extremely sad for all of us who ‘ahem’, eat food.  Here’s a prime example:

I love California!  I loved camping every year in Kern County, along the Kern River.  If you’ve never been, you’re missing out and I would love it if this were a travel site…but it’s not, so do your own googling.  I took a look into the neighboring and equally beautiful (if you’ve never been there) Tulare County, California health department records.  Good and/or bad, Tulare county is sparcely populated, and some of the “cities” have that Northern New England charm and rustic feel – with that mining camp/Wild West nostalgia.  I digress; In just the past year alone, 3 locations in Tulare County have definitely gained notoriety as Fetid Eats!

Now, it must be noted that subsequent inspections have found that the facilities DO pass, and they remain open (I called all three, and although Downtown Dinuba Market did get me voicemail, I called the Danibu Sentinal newspaper and city hall to verify that they are still open).

Unity Mini Mart

10427 Ave. 416

Sultana, California

Inspection: 4/12/2010

Score: 69

Notes: Surfacing sewage observed in deli. Major violations and warrants closure. Other violations include: four dead mice on glue trap under
stove; pots full of cooked food kept directly on floor; dirt and trash in walk-in; no paper towels or soap in restroom.

ReInspection: 4/22/2010

Re-Inspection: approved to re-open deli.

Tacos El Michoacano

30946 Commercial Rd.

Visalia, California

Inspection: 11/18/2009

Score: 67

Observed half eaten pomogranite and coffee in cup without lid. Employee may not eat, drink or smoke in food preparation area. Observed no handwash cleanser onsite, only hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer cannot take place of cleanser. Provide cleanser in dispenser. Employee observed washing hands in 2-part sink due to fryer blocking handwash sink. Handwash sink must always be accessible. Observed cut cabbage on unsanitary counter. Was left there during entire inspection and notice cabbage has dirt. Shall maintain all food in good, safe condition. Food contact surfaces throughout (counter where produce is stored, cutting board) observed to be unsanitary – dirt and food accumulation. Shall provide provide hot water. Minimum water temperature must be 120 degrees. Observed lots of flies. Shall keep door closed at all times.

ReInspection: 11/20/2009 All previously noted violations have been corrected. Business may resume to operate.

Downtown Dinuba Market

217 S. L St.

Dinuba, California

ReInspection: 4/13/2010

Re-Inspection: floors need sweeping and mopping; no paper towels and soap in restrooms; meat cutting equipment still has chunks of meat on it, cut from previous days; sinks in meat department still “filthy”; restroom “filthy and stink”; mop water being dumped in meat department sinks.

Inspection: 3/10/2010

Score: 79

Yesterday facility had sewer back up. Sewage was around floor sink in meat department and still in hand sink; food such as tortillas and candy stacked on floor in isles; all equipment such as meat case, food prep area, meat cutting machines are filthy; chunks of meat stuck on meat cutting machine; men’s restroom smells of urine; premises over all are filthy.

Inspection: 9/23/2009

Score: 69

Handwashing sink observed in meat department not connected and not operational. Must have repaired and provide proper soap dispenser.
Observed same handwashing problem but only paper towel dispenser empty and soap dispenser needs soap in restaurant section. Observation and
testing the temperatures on the food holding table in the restaurant had varying temperatures ranging 127-135 degrees. Must be held at 140
degrees or above. Food both raw and frozen stored in walk-in box and freezers are improperly stored. Provide containers with proper seal and
label items. Many stored on floor and should be elevated off the floor. In observing the meat cuttig department, the contact food surfaces are filthy. Meat particle residue dried under equipment and need cleaning often. Need to scrape food meat particles off. Floor drains are filthy and some debris in the drains. Observed entire store, meat department and restaurant area loaded with flies. There were more than 30+ flies in the meat cutting table and sink area.

NOTE: No reinspection found via online report search

THIS PLACE IS DEFINITELY A Fetid Eats! Hall of Shame Candidate!!!

Inspection: 5/5/2008

Score: 88 Another Passing score, However the trend continues

No pest control company yet. Must get pest control immediately. Call once you contact pest company. Expired food safety certificate. Must recertify within 30 days of inspection. Failure to comply will result in office hearing.

Inspection: 8/20/2007

Score: 88 Passing score… However here’s the where incident becomes trend.

Observed dead nymph and adult cockroaches next to hand wash sink in Meat and Deli department. Continue cockroach control method as needed. REPEAT VIOLATION: observed food stored on floor in walk-in refrigerator near deli department. All food must be stored 6 inches off floor on approved crates. Area below storage crates in deli department is heavily soiled with old food. Clean and maintain. Observed several wash cloths not stored in sanitizing solution. Area in Meat and Deli department is soiled with old food. Clean and maintain. No teststrips available; provide test strips for testing chlorine in warewashing facilities.

source: Visalia Times-Delta – Tulare County restaurant Inspections

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