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Index Finger Wellington…

As I can’t type really well without the use of my right index finger, even being left-handed, this post will be rather quick.

As you may know, I’m a volunteer chef at a local shelter. Yesterday I successfully prepared the following menu for an expected 70 servings:

Dried apricot and cranberry stuffed roasted pork loin with raspberry-basil glaze
Roasted herb and parmesan crusted red potato wedges
Roasted spiced butternut squash
Apple Sauce

I would have loved to post pictures of it, as visually it plated as a “kodak moment”.

Instead, a graphic and poignant reminder:
Always use the proper tool for each task performed in a kitchen!

Recipe: Index Finger Wellington
1 Right Index Finger, aged 41 years
1 Quart Iodine
2 Injections Lidocane
1 Injection Tetanus
2 Yards suturing thread
Surgical scissors
Splint, bandaging, Ace wrap
12 tablets, Tylenol with codeine #3 – for pain
Heaping of karma

5 Minute Iodine Marinade
5 Minute Iodine Marinade

Trussing the loins, I used kitchen scissors to cut and trim the butchers twine. Removing the trussing post-roasting, I decided to reach for an 8″ santoku, even though the scissors were 12″ in front of my face.

6 Stitch Finger Trussing
6 Stitch Finger Truss

Why a santoku, when clearly the 9.5″ slicer or even a bread knife would have arguably been a better choice in portioning the roasts? I had just spent 45 minutes the night prior sharpening the santoku, of course.

Index Finger Wellington
Finger Wellington

“Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You” – John Lennon

Moral of the story: Using the proper tools in ANY kitchen is equally important in proper food safety practices!

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